Outward Direct Investment

Our Investment Advisory team has extensive experience in overseas projects and will provide you with comprehensive outbound policies and due diligence. Our team will work closely with your firm to minimize investment risk and optimize your business’ opportunities arising from new market entry. Our investment advisory team will advise you as follows:
Outbound Investment Filing and Approval
1. Government Regulations
2. Filing and Approval
3. Money Transfer Advisory
4. Document Preparation
Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
1. Provide Strategy and Structuring
2. Finding good partners and targets
3. Operation Transformation Advisory
4. Lead Advisory and Modelling
Market Research
1. Market Entry Strategy Consultation
2. Entry Regulations and Licencing
3. Site Visit (Fees applied)
4. Industrial Zone Identification
Due Diligence
1. Credit Check and References
2. Contract & Corporate Documentation Review
3. Financial & Tax Due Dilligence
Oversea Corporate Establishment and Structuring
1. Corporate Structuring
2. Company Registration
3. Joint Venture Negotiation
4. Intellectual Property Registration
Cross Border Tax and Transactions
1. Corporation Tax
2. Direct and Indirect Tax
3. Transfer Pricing
Overseas Accounting and Human Resource Management
1. Bookkeeping
2. Financial Reporting
3. Budgeting and Financial Analysis
4. Payroll, Compensation and Benefits, Labour Contracts Consulting
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