Family Offices In Singapore

We serve family office businesses in Singapore. We can guide you on how to set up a family office in Singapore. Setting up a family office is a norm and popular in Singapore.

Singapore Family Office generally manages their affairs. The family office may be an intermediary between the family and professional advisors such as lawyers, investment managers and accountants. It may also serve a more supervisory role and help ensure that these critical functions carry out due diligence in the family’s best interests. As such, a family office can serve many parts, including wealth management, estate planning, tax planning and management of family-owned businesses.

The number of Singapore family offices being opened has also been steadily increasing alongside the wealth in the country, with 221 offices being opened in 2020 as compared to 129 in the previous years and 22 in the year before that. This shows that people are starting to realize the value of a family office in managing their affairs, and how it is gradually being integrated into the wealth management ecosystem of Singapore.

A Singapore family office can be hassle-free to set up if you are familiar with the process. We can help you to set up your business here. With our services, you can rely on our team of experts to provide you with a seamless experience throughout forming your Singapore family office. Our ultimate goal is for your family office to be operationally ready within a reasonable time frame.

We assist our international clients in setting up a family office in Singapore. Our service package includes:

Incorporation of Singapore family office and other subsidiary corporate structures, Managing your assets, Creation of Family Charter, Annual accounting and tax services.

Please contact us today; we will save your time and money. Our objective has always been very worthy for our clients.